For 160 years, Hutchinson has been designing and manufacturing high-performance products, essential to the comfort and safety of everyone on the ground, in the air and at sea. When it comes to airtightness, vibration, heat and acoustic isolation, fluid transfer and transmission, the Group’s vocation is highly technological. At the same time, Hutchinson improves the quality of everyday life for consumers. Hutchinson has a global presence. Its R & D and production centre takes care of Europe, North and South America as well as Asia Pacific.

Hutchinson is the only tyre company making its products in France.

Today, Hutchinson remains the only French bicycle tyre company manufacturing its products in France. Hiram Hutchinson opened a rubber processing factory at Langlée, near Montargis, in 1853. This is where the company also branched out into tyre manufacturing in 1890; and it is still here today that the brand produces its range of bicycle tyres known to cycling professionals and enthusiasts alike. The plant today employees almost 200 staff in the production of tyres, and regularly calls on the services of the 200 engineers at the R&D centre. When every sector of production are taken into account, Hutchinson is thus the biggest employer of the region.