Voluntary product recall for safety reviews

BMC TIMEMACHINE 01 (Model years 2017 and 2018)

Dear BMC customer

BMC issues safety review recall for TIMEMACHINE 01 model year 2017 and 2018

We have identified a technical issue on the TIMEMACHINE 01 relating to the front wheel and frame, which now needs to be inspected by a dealer. When using certain tyre widths, the distance between the front tyre and the down tube may fail to meet the required safety tolerance. In the event of contact between the tyre and frame, this could cause the rider to crash. To date, only a very small number of incidents have been reported. TIMEMACHINE 02 models are not affected by this recall.

Out of concern for riders’ safety and in keeping with BMC’s high standards, BMC is issuing a recall of all 2017 and 2018 model year TIMEMACHINE 01 bikes to be returned to dealers for a safety review of the front wheel and tyre.

The next step: All owners of a TIMEMACHINE 01 should immediately stop riding their bike due to the safety concerns and major risk of injury!

Please contact your BMC dealer as soon as possible and take your TIMEMACHINE 01 in for a check. After reviewing the recalled TIMEMACHINE 01, the BMC dealer will register the bike with the local BMC distribution partner as having undergone review. The bike will then either be available for immediate use once more, or your dealer will carry out free repair work so that you can ride your bike safely again.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the recall, or if you’re uncertain about whether your bike is included in the recall, please check the BMC website for more information or go directly to your dealer. To find your nearest BMC dealer, check www.bmc-switzerland.com

Below we’ve also compiled a Q&A list with the most important questions and provided the most up-to-date information on the safety review of the TIMEMACHINE 01.

BMC Switzerland AG would like to apologise deeply for this inconvenience and thanks you for your understanding.


1. Why has the TIMEMACHINE 01 been recalled for review?
During testing we have identified an issue that occurs when the bike is ridden with certain tyre sizes, as the clearance between the tyre and the down tube when ridden under load can be insufficient. The relationship between the frame, fork, tyres and other components is dependent on compliance with all of the relevant standards. In the event of an unfavourable combination of production tolerances, pronounced play in the headset and variations in tyre size production, the recalled models may fail to satisfy the necessary clearance. This could result in contact between the tyre and the down tube, which poses a significant safety concern and risk of injury to the rider.

2. Which models are affected?
The affected models are 2017 and 2018 model year TIMEMACHINE 01 bikes, with the following model references:
Timemachine 01 SRAM Red eTap
Timemachine 01 Ultegra Di2
Timemachine 01 ONE
Timemachine 01 TWO
Timemachine 01 THREE
Timemachine 01 Frameset or TM01 FRS

3. Why is the recall happening now?
We constantly monitor the status of all the bikes we sell, keeping a close eye on warranty requests and customer feedback to make sure that we are aware of any abnormalities. Based on information gathered, we carried out additional in-depth tests on the TIMEMACHINE 01 and TIMEMACHINE 02 models, which confirmed that a string of unfavourable circumstances – i.e. deviations in production tolerances and a bike ridden under load – could result in contact between the front tyre and the down tube on TIMEMACHINE 01 models when using a certain tyre size specified by us, and on a correctly set-up bike. Out of concern for riders’ safety, we have therefore decided to recall all affected TIMEMACHINE 01 bikes. The recall does not apply to the TIMEMACHINE 02

4. But I haven’t encountered any issues with my TIMEMACHINE 01. Can I keep riding my bike?
No. In its current state, the bike may not be ridden due to safety reasons. The bike must be first returned to a dealer to be reviewed and then registered.

5. When can a TIMEMACHINE 01 be considered safe to ride?
When the headset is correctly set-up, the distance between the tyre and down tube at its closest point must be at least 6 mm. The maximal tyre width of 27 mm (as measured) may not be exceeded. When it comes to carrying out this review, a dealer is the authority and they will then register the bike after reviewing it.

6. How can I be sure that the bike can be ridden again as soon as possible?
Should a product fail to meet the prescribed tolerances, these can be remedied by mounting a 23C or smaller tyre. The correct adjustment of the headset remains a basic requirement.

7. What solution are you offering in the event of inadequate tolerances so that the TIMEMACHINE 01 can be ridden with the tyre sizes originally specified by BMC?
Where necessary, a newly developed fork will be available from September onwards. This will ensure that safety tolerances will be met even when ridden with the originally specified tyre size. If this affects you, you will be contacted in due course with concrete dates for switching out your fork and information on how to proceed.

8. Will it cost me anything to make this change?
No. There will be no costs incurred for switching out the tyres, nor for a subsequent fork exchange, if necessary. Any further costs in connection with the issue will not be reimbursed.

9. I don’t want my bike to be reviewed. What can I do?
We can only stress that an authorized dealer must check your bike in order to ascertain if it is safe to ride. If it goes unchecked, we urge you not to ride it any longer. Should you choose to go against the advice, BMC Switzerland will not be liable in the event of any injuries.

10. I am worried about still riding my TIMEMACHINE 01 model. Is there any chance that I exchange my bike?
Unfortunately it is neither possible to exchange your bike nor reimburse the current value of the bike. Once your bike has been reviewed, and repaired if necessary, you will be in a position to ride your bike safely without having to have any hesitation.

11. I bought my TM01 on the Internet / I bought a second-hand TM01. What do I do?
An authorized BMC dealer is still your first point of contact. On our homepage you can locate your closest dealer http://www.bmc-switzerland.com/

12. I sold my TM01. What can I do?
Please do us a favour and forward the initial recall information you received from to the new owner. Contact details Advance Traders on 1300 361 686 or go to www.advancetraders.com.au