Voluntary product recall for safety reviews

Norco Storm 2021 - Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed Cassette on MY21 Storm 4 & Storm 5

Norco has initiated this Voluntary Recall which affects the Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed cassettes equipped on the above-mentioned Norco Bicycle models sold between 1st June 2020 and 20th July 2020.

There is a possibility that Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed can skip unexpectedly under extreme drivetrain loads on the 11 tooth cog with the specific combination of drivetrain components equipped uniquely on 2021 Storm 4 and Storm 5 models.

Norco has received a limited number of reports of skipping under heavy load on 2021 Storm 4 & 5 models and no notice of any resulting injuries.

Sugek CS-M3007 7-Speed Cassettes installed on certain model year 2021 Norco Storm 4 and Storm 5 bikes might cause the chain to skip unexpectedly under extreme pedalling loads when using the 11 tooth cog.

Hazard – If the defect occurs while using the bicycle this could cause loss of balance or loss of control of the bike, possibly resulting in injury

What to do – Consumers should stop using the bicycle immediately and contact their Norco retailer to have a replacement cassette fitted to the bicycle Models being recalled – Model year 2021 Storm 4 and Storm 5 bicycles sold between 1st June 2020 and 20th July 2020 and serial numbers within the following ranges.

Model Serial Number Range
STORM 4 B003NX1A001 Through B003NX1A202
  B019NX1D001 Through B019NX1D097
  B020NX1D001 Through B020NX1D047
  B045NX1D001 Through B045NX1D479
  B152NX1F001 Through B152NX1F049
  M001NX1A001 Through M001NX1A303
  M019NX1D001 Through M019NX1D103
  M020NX1D001 Through M020NX1D053
  M036NX1D001 Through M036NX1D887
  M138NX1F001 Through M138NX1F083
  P005NX1A001 Through P005NX1A101
  P054NX1D001 Through P054NX1D166
STORM 5 B004NX1A001 Through B004NX1A243
  B021NX1D001 Through B021NX1D097
  B022NX1D001 Through B022NX1D047
  B046NX1D001 Through B046NX1D268
  M021NX1D001 Through M021NX1D103
  M022NX1D001 Through M022NX1D053
  M037NX1D001 Through M037NX1D502
  M002NX1A001 Through M002NX1A360
  P006NX1A001 Through P006NX1A117
  P055NX1D001 Through P055NX1D092

Contact – Consumers should contact Advance Traders on 1300 361 686